Terms & Conditions

Here you find information we believe will make you confident to use AM Service as a supplier.


AM Service uses cookies and similar technology to register log entries. Different types of cookies are used as set forth below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which AM Service sends to your unit and which are saved in your unit. A cookie is sent to your unit when you visit AM Service website or use the company’s applications. They are unique to your account or web browser.

There are different types of cookies:

  • Session cookies (a temporary cookie which ceases when you close your web browser or unit).

  • Permanent cookies (cookies which remain in your unit until you remove them or they expire).

  • First-party cookies (cookies from a website you have visited).

  • Third-party cookies (cookies from a third-party website).

  • Similar technology which stores information in your web browser or in you unit in a manner similar to cookies and web beacons.

How does AM Service use cookies?

Certain cookies are linked to your account and your personal information in order for the service to remember that you are logged on and the parts to which you have logged on. Other cookies are not directly linked to your account but are nonetheless unique and contribute, for example, to making it possible for us to perform website analyses and adaptations of the web. All cookies sent by AM Service to your unit are used to improve your experience of the service.

  • Session cookies – are used to store information regarding which user is logged on and is using the service.

  • Permanent cookies – are applied to read settings in your web browser such as, for example, language settings. The next time you use the service the correct language setting is set.

  • Third-party cookies – AM Service uses, for example, Google Analytics in order to perform website analyses. These cookies are not used in the cloud service. You can choose not to approve these cookies from third parties in your web browser on the unit which you use when you visit AM Service website.

How can you manage the use of cookies?

Your web browser or unit usually allows you to change the settings for the use and scope of cookies. Go to the settings for your web browser or unit to learn more about how to adjust the settings for cookies. For example, you can choose to block all cookies, accept only first-party cookies, block third-party cookies or erase cookies when you close your web browser.

Keep in mind that some of AM Service services might not work if you block or erase cookies.