Take control of your maintenance

Choose a system that is easy to use from the start - both for you and your staff.

Ridiculously easy to use

Designed to suit you and your staff.

Fast implementation

Start small and expand as required by the organisation.

High compatibility

Works with existing systems and routines

Asset management

Use our flexible asset management tool to structure your assets as required.

Work orders

Create and assign work orders. Follow up the work orders with spare parts used and time spent, as well as other costs.


It has never been easier for your staff to create and follow up their requests. Admin receives the requests and plans work orders accordingly.

Spare parts

Register spare parts used under specific work orders. Keep an inventory register over the spare parts and allow your staff to withdraw from inventory, register deliveries, as well as any adjustments of inventory balances. As admin, you are alerted when inventory balances are low and more spare parts need to be ordered.


Use our powerful planning tool to get a clear view over planned work orders. Simplify decisions by having access to information such as scheduling of technicians, stocked spare parts and much more.


Create and attach checklists to work orders. The checklists can be used for facility walkthroughs, equipment inspections and much more

the right Service roles
to your staff members

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For anyone who mainly wants to:

  • Have full control of everything from request to work order, planning and completion
  • Manage spare parts
  • Have their cost analyses efficiently categorised
  • View the history of anything in the system
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For anyone who mainly wants to:

  • View and carry out work orders
  • Create requests
  • Report time spent and spare parts used
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Requester (Free)

For anyone who mainly wants to:

  • Create and follow up requests in the app
  • Get feedback on their requests

Versions and prices

AM Service is available in two versions, Basic and Pro. The difference between the versions are amount of features you get access to. Regardless of version, you only pay for the users of the type “Administrators / Technicians” that you add.

Users of the type “Requesters” are always free.



The choice for small business that want to keep track of their work orders.

Per user and month. VAT is added.

Contact 299sek


The choice for business that want to take maintenance to a new level.

Per user and month. VAT is added.

Contact 699sek
Functions Basic Pro

Function included

Function under development

Work orders
Assign unlimited amount of work orders to your technicians
Schedule work orders on a recurring schedule
Overview of work orders, available technicians and much more.
Create and attach checklists to work orders
Schedule work orders based on a meter reading
Divide a work order into parts to be performed and reported by various technicians or vendors
Attach a risk analysis that must be completed before starting specifik work orders
Register what competence technicians need to execute specific work orders
Allow external vendor to see and report work orders
Create unlimited amount of requests
Attach pictures with drawing capabilities
Automate who gets assigned requests based on criterias
Create unlimited amount of assets
Organize your assets in a hierarchical structure
Ability to create custom fields on assets
Mark your assets with QR codes for easy identification
Create multiple field sets per type of asset
Plan and follow up downtime for assets
Spare parts
Create unlimited amount of spare parts
Mark your spare parts with QR codes for easy identification
Full inventory tracking with balances, reservations, ordering points, purchase orders and stock taking
Purchase Orders
Create unlimited amount of purchase orders
Generate PDF that can be sent to the vendor
Create purchase orders in different currencies
Get automatic and correct currency rates.
Give the vendor access to the purchase order and allow certain edits.
Configure your users roles and permissions with high flexibility
Allow your operators to perform simpler maintenance tasks on their assets
Gain an overview of the system with advanced statistics
Follow up costs for work orders, assets and spare parts

Functions and their status are continuously adjusted as the development of AM Service progresses. If you are interested in trying out AM Service, or have questions about the service, you can easily contact us via the contact page.